If It Has Wheels and Pedals
Draftmaster Can Carry It!
  • Versatile design for up to 5 cycles
    Road, mountain, recumbent or tandem
    - in almost any combination. Trikes too!
  • Quick Connect
    Easily installed, removed and stored
  • Carrying needs change?
    Modular design allows easy upgrading
  • Made in the USA
    Highest quality design, materials and workmanship
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Draftmaster is the solution for carrying traditional bicycles, tandems, recumbents and trikes on an easy loading hitch-mount system

  • Carry all frame styles without modification - No frame adapters needed.
  • Carry long bikes or trikes with NO vehicle side overhang - Only on a Draftmaster.
  • Easy access to your trunk or hatch - No need to unload to get at your stuff.
  • Bikes ride "in the draft" - Gets bikes off the roof for better gas mileage.
  • Access to any bike at any time - No need to unload other bikes to get at your bike.
  • Bikes secured at points designed for contact - Why risk damage to your frame or paint job?
  • Simple, easy-loading operation - No awkward clamps or anti-sway gizmos needed.
  • Simple assembly - Modular components simply slide together. Draftmaster can be easily disassembled and stored when not in use.
  • Rock-solid receiver connection - Anti-wobble design bolts snugly into your car's receiver.
  • Options to fit 2.00" and 1.25" receivers. (Carrying capability may be limited by your receiver capacity)
  • Quality products backed by a two year warranty.

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 Made in the USA